Raising the bar – with your help!


10 days ago I came across theĀ World Bicycle ReliefĀ Ā and I was directly amazedĀ by the work they are doing.

So…IĀ decidedĀ to support the charity and try to raise enough bikes to buy 10 bikes and asked my friends for support.

Now 10 day later 50% of my goal to buy 10 bikes was already achieved. Thank you friends!

So being a guy going for stretch goals I rose the bar to raise enough money to buy:

25 Bikes = 3,350ā‚¬Ā 

Please help me achieving this goal by donating now!Ā Become part of the story!

Do good by challenging me…

In 2013 I’ll be committing towards stretch goals (racing time) and you’ll be committing to a sponsorship.

On March 10th I’ll be participatingthe http://www.cycletour.co.za/ – 110km around cape town.
My goal is to finish in under 3:15h…

Wanna challenge me? šŸ™‚

If I reach the goal you pay 0,50$ per KM, If I fail the goal I’ll be paying the money out of my pocket towards the charity.

Please contact me andreas@heyden.org if you are willing to make a change and to kick my ass….


The Power of Bicycles

A bicycle in the hands of a student, healthcareĀ workerĀ orĀ entrepreneur empowers individuals, communities and entire economies.

– Bikes travel 4x the distance in the same time (e.g. a doctors reach)
– Bikes increase the individual’s loading capacity by 5 times (e.g. carrying goodsĀ tothe market)
– Bike save in average an individual 3h per day (e.g. getting to schools faster)

My target is to raise a minimum $1,470 to buy 10 bikes for the World Bicycle Relief by participating in cycling races and challenging myself.

Just pressĀ contribute now” please and help me reaching that goal.